Wednesday, May 20, 2015


    Finally I had gotten friends. Finally I was not bored. Graduation, however, is going to ruin that. Many of my friends are seniors and once next week is over, I will never see them again. That means the people I hangout with before school, during school, at lunch, and on the weekends will no longer be there. Yes, I have friends who are not seniors, however, it is still difficult.
    To stop myself from being lonely, I am now walking around school during lunch and talking with my younger friends. Those friends, however, have their own friend groups. I know they do not mind me joining them but I still do not want to intrude on them. Many of them have told me not to worry and stop being awkward. I try but I honestly am struggling with not being awkward in front of them.   They tell me to just join in on the conversation, but half the time I do not even know what they are talking about! Thankfully we only have two more weeks of school. I will try to fit in with this first group by the end of this week. If not, I will go with another friend to his friend group the next week.
    I am lucky, however, that all my friends are understanding and are helping me with my social problems. So if any of you are reading this, THANK YOU!
    Now, my word of advice for today is to make friends in every grade. Do not just make friends with seniors, because once they graduate you will be lonely. Also, during the year make multiple friends and hangout with multiple friend groups. Having multiple friend groups may be an advantage later on in the year.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Orchestra Show

So tonight I went to an orchestra show at my school with my boyfriend. Many of my friends were playing and I was extremely proud to say that I know them. These talented players are hardworking and they deserve the applauds they got tonight.
The music was beautiful, fast-paced, and dramatic in many areas. This definitely made my night. You see when my boyfriend asked me to go with him, I was little reluctant. I thought it would be boring, no offense to musicians, but in reality it was very captivating. The conductors used swift strokes and strong emotion while conducting the orchestra; the musicians poured their hearts and souls into the pieces they were playing; and not even a young toddler in the audience uttered a sound in fear of breaking the beauty of the moment.
I do have to admit, however, that I did get restless because I can not sit in one area for too long. So, to entertain myself I built paper airplanes out of the play book, drummed to the beat of the music, and braided my boyfriend's hair (much to his dismay). This, does not mean that I did not enjoy myself. I was greatly entertained by the skillful pieces being played by the young musical geniuses.
Halfway through the show, my boyfriend and I got hungry. We decided to leave to grab some snacks from the confession stand. There I found the most delicious cookie ever! It was soft, warm, gooey, and had giant chocolate chips in it. I was literally standing at the standing complimenting the cookie. The ladies there thought I was crazy, but they did not care as long as they got money. (I am joking here.) I have to say though, I am impressed with the confession stand here. My old school had a wide variety of food, yet it was extremely expensive (private school probs). My new school has a smaller selection, however, the food is yummy and cheap. I like cheap! Well that's all really. I just felt like writing about what I did tonight. The advice of today is to get out and go to school events! You may have fun! And hey, you may get extra credit. ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

End of the Year Testing

The school year is coming to a close, which is weird considering I just started my new school. Along with the ending of the year, comes the testing. Teachers are now rushing to teach the information that their students need in order to pass their final tests.
      My school, for example, has something called the EOC. EOCs are test that students must pass in order to pass the class, or at least that is what other students are telling me. I, however, am still a little uncertain what an EOC effects.
Last month, my first test began. Each test for each subject is split into two parts. I had already taken the first part, when the servers had a malfunction and I was unable to take the second part. I was told the second part would be rescheduled. It was definitely reschedule, on a day that I was not at school. Once I found out about the rescheduled test, I was full of panic. I did not know what would happen considering I missed my second test. I told my friend about the incident and he did not help at all, by telling me that I would be screwed over by the testing system. I became terrified and went to my teacher who was in charge of the subject that I missed. She told me not to worry and handed me a certificate which told me another date to take part two. I was relived, until my geometry EOC started.
Somehow, my second part for the geometry EOC was scheduled for the exact date and time as my make up for the other EOC which I missed. I went to the lady in charge of the testing system and asked her what to do. She told me to go to my makeup ECO instead of my geometry part two. I was then informed that my geometry EOC part two would be rescheduled for another date.
      This school seems to have an occurring theme here. I just hope that my geometry part two will not be rescheduled during the time that I take my last EOC. So my advice bloggers is to not miss days of school, especially during the end of the year when final tests begin.