Thursday, May 14, 2015

Orchestra Show

So tonight I went to an orchestra show at my school with my boyfriend. Many of my friends were playing and I was extremely proud to say that I know them. These talented players are hardworking and they deserve the applauds they got tonight.
The music was beautiful, fast-paced, and dramatic in many areas. This definitely made my night. You see when my boyfriend asked me to go with him, I was little reluctant. I thought it would be boring, no offense to musicians, but in reality it was very captivating. The conductors used swift strokes and strong emotion while conducting the orchestra; the musicians poured their hearts and souls into the pieces they were playing; and not even a young toddler in the audience uttered a sound in fear of breaking the beauty of the moment.
I do have to admit, however, that I did get restless because I can not sit in one area for too long. So, to entertain myself I built paper airplanes out of the play book, drummed to the beat of the music, and braided my boyfriend's hair (much to his dismay). This, does not mean that I did not enjoy myself. I was greatly entertained by the skillful pieces being played by the young musical geniuses.
Halfway through the show, my boyfriend and I got hungry. We decided to leave to grab some snacks from the confession stand. There I found the most delicious cookie ever! It was soft, warm, gooey, and had giant chocolate chips in it. I was literally standing at the standing complimenting the cookie. The ladies there thought I was crazy, but they did not care as long as they got money. (I am joking here.) I have to say though, I am impressed with the confession stand here. My old school had a wide variety of food, yet it was extremely expensive (private school probs). My new school has a smaller selection, however, the food is yummy and cheap. I like cheap! Well that's all really. I just felt like writing about what I did tonight. The advice of today is to get out and go to school events! You may have fun! And hey, you may get extra credit. ;)

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