Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Car

Driving. It is something that every teenager cannot wait to do. Maybe I am not normal, but I am terrified of driving. See? It is bold because that is how serious I am about it. Despite my fear, however, my parents are relying on me to learn to drive and take myself places. It was not s big deal until this month.
This month I finally got my license and a car. I was extremely happy, until the relization sets in. My parents are going to expect me to drive everywhere and that is what exactly happened. Two days after getting my license,my dad forced me to get in the car and drive the route to my new school and back repeatedly until I had it etched into my brain. Then, he jumped out the car and told me to do the route on my own. Shaking, I turned on my indicator and drove myself down the same road that I had been going down for five months straight now. I have to admit, I did decent considering I had never been in the car on my own before. That was not all that happened though.
A day after that experience, my dad picked me up after school. He brought my car and climbed into the passenger seat. He then forced me to get in the driver's seat. It would have been okay except for the fact that is was raining. It had been raining all day and I had to figure out where my lights and windshield wipers were. That was a lovely experience. Yes, sarcasm is indeed needed here. Then I started driving. I was doing perfectly fine until a school bus passed me.
I was on the right side of the road and a school bus was on the left side. We were both going the speed limit and it eventually passed me. I moved my eyes over to the right side of the road to look at a sign when all of a sudden this small red car jerked into my lane. I slammed on my breaks and jerked my wheel to the right trying to avoid too much damage because I knew it was going to hit, however, the driver in the red car must have some mad driving in skills because they turned his or her wheel and went back to the left lane. I was sweating, my dad was cussing, and the rain was pounding my windshield. I eventually got home but I have to admit, I am terrified of driving still. My advice today, though, is to always look at your surroundings when driving. Some idiot may be out there who is not paying attention and you can get seriously  hurt.


  1. Driving is the one of most significant life experience for each adolescent.Driving which means you gradually into the social,you need to begin to obey traffic rules,it also show that more respnsibility that you have to bear.
    Don’t be afraid of driving,you have the courage to take the first step,so don’t be afraid,you have overcome yourself

  2. You'll be a great driver soon, it all takes practice and time.

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  4. I love how your posts have so much voice. Sometimes when put too much emphasis on having elevated language, and a pretentious tone, that casual and close to home voice is left unused and forgotten. I really like your blog :)