Thursday, April 16, 2015

School Bus Troubles

Transferring from a private to a public school is extremely difficult. Many things are new and it feels like you have no time to learn them. One such thing for me was the bus system. Back at my old school, my parents took me to school and picked me up from school. We had no buses. If our parents could not pick us up, we could get a ride with someone else. At a public school, the system is different. Students take school busses. I soon became a student who takes the bus.
It was my second day of school when I tackled the bus. The task, however, turned out a little differently than I thought. First, I woke up at 5:00 AM shaking with fear and expectation. I quickly got ready and began my walk to my bus stop with my parents and dogs. Yes, I walked to the bus stop with my whole family. The walk was quiet, freezing, and very dark. I could barely see where I was going and felt like I was going to be mugged at anytime. Soon, I arrived to a road sign which I thought was the bus stop. I was wrong. Thankfully, I saw a guy walking in the same direction as me and I asked him where to go. To this day, that guy and I are close friends and we always ride the bus together.
I walked with my new friend to the right stop, bugging him the whole time with my elaborate stories and fears. Finally, we reached the stop and began to wait. Ten minutes passed without the bus. The bus was late. Thirty minutes passed and still no bus. We still waited. A whole hour passed with my friend and I waiting out in the freezing cold. Eventually, I grew tired of waiting and called my parents to pick my new friend and me up. My parents ended up taking me to school that day.
    Despite the difficulties that I experienced that morning, I was able to overcome my fear of school busses after school. After six period, I met up with my new friend and we both boarded the bus. The trip was not as terrifying as I thought it would be and I now ride the bus everyday. So my advice today, do not be afraid to talk to someone new. That someone may turn out to be a great person and a wonderful friend.


  1. I have same feeling with you,everything is new。the most important is that I also need to adapt to the different culture and different way of education.However, as time went on,staying for a long time, I will find that in fact is not difficult , I believe you also have the same feeling, let us work together to overcome

  2. This is very relatable to my situation/life. I recently switched from a private school this year and it's a hard switch to overcome!