Wednesday, April 22, 2015

First Fight

Many fights occur throughout the world. Fights also happen at school. At my old private school, however, fights never happened. Only once had I seen a fight before. It was during a football game and it ended right after it started. The guys punched each other once, fell down the bleachers, then some older students pulled them apart. That was the only fight I saw and I was completely unaccustomed to fighting.
That has now changed. At a public school, a fight occurs usually everyday. Most of them are about silly things, yet they happen. Even though they happen a lot at my new school, I had never seen one in person before. I only heard about the fights and then I shrugged it off. That has recently changed.
Not too long ago, I was sitting outside my school with some friends waiting to be picked up because I had missed the bus. Soon, one of my friends got into an argument with another guy and they started throwing punches at one another. I was sitting there the whole time frozen. All I could think was how terrified I was. I was worried that my friend who get hurt or that the fight would turn to me. I sat there starring and silently praying for someone to break them up. Suddenly, from around the corner of the school, another one of my guy friends came running out and jumped on my friend fighting. With his and a few other people's help, the fight was stopped and the two fighters went their separate ways fuming.
I continued sitting there anxious that something would happen again. My friend who came running, aka the hero, came over to me and gave me a hug. I am pretty sure he knew that I was terrified of what happen. He even stayed by my side for a while to make sure nothing happened. I was truly grateful for him. The only thing I am mad about is the fact I just sat there. So my advice today, be careful. You may believe you truly understand someone but you may never know. You may find out that they have anger issues when you thought they were completely normal before. Just be careful.


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  2. This is a really good and interesting blog. I like your topic and I like reading about all your new experiences in Miami

  3. Hang in there, Shannon! I can completely relate to your experience... in fact, the first fight I witnessed was at a college football game at The Orange Bowl when I was only about four or five years old, and I still remember the fear that vibrated all throughout my body. I too had the same worry that I would accidentally get involved in the fight. These kinds of experiences will strengthen you in the long run. :) Please stay safe and know that your fellow 2015 Journalism I Allstar Supreme Team members always have your back!