Wednesday, April 8, 2015

School Begins

   On the Monday after Christmas break, my parents and I went into the main office of my new school to register me and select my classes. Through out the whole process, I thought that I would have two weeks before I would actually start going to school. That day, however, I met my crazy counselor who asked me if I would like to start school that Monday. So I, being the crazy person I am, said yes and started school right then and there.
   My counselor then printed out my new schedule and introduced me to a very patient junior who gave me a tour of the school. He was kind enough to eat  lunch with me and introduce me to some of his friends who I have now become really close friends with. I was also able to go to each of my classes and meet my teachers and classmates. They were all nice and helped me with my many questions.
    To wrap it up, my first day was completely terrifying, yet I pretended to be brave and I got through it. I was able to meet people, find my classes, and figure out the layout of the gigantic school. I greatly appreciate my counselor for telling me to start that day. Without his help, I would probably have less friends than I do now and be less brave than I am now. So, my advice to my fellow bloggers is this. No matter how scared you are, try it. In the end, it will most likely be the best decision you have ever made. 


  1. I love your first post, for some reason i can feel how you felt about you first day and i'm happy you shared that.

  2. I really like this post. It made me remember when I was new to the school. Keep up the great work!